Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Las Vegas Sports Experts is a Nevada based company comprised of sports journalists, prognosticators, and analysts.


How does it work?

Las Vegas Sports Experts provides professional sports journalism, analysis, and prognostications for a small weekly fee. If at any time you are unhappy with our entertainment based service, feel free to request a refund of that particular week’s fee and cancel your account.


Who writes your sports articles?

Our team of sports journalists have a combined 10,000+ published articles on news organization’s sites, sports websites, and in print all over the country. We, like any other company, try to find and hire the best talent to keep our content as accurate and exciting as possible.



What types of sports are covered by your journalists?

The following sports are the most often covered by our team. Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball, College Basketball, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Soccer, Golf, Boxing, UFC, and Horse Racing.



Can users submit content to the Vegas Sports Bet Expert’s website?

No. Unfortunately you can not submit your own content to our website. Please feel free however to comment and partake in the vibrant onsite sports conversation.



Whats your sports pick winning percentage?

The Las Vegas Sports Experts have been fortunate to have a 60%+ winning percentage since our inception. The professionals at Las Vegas Sports Experts are constantly tweaking, changing, and adjusting their methods to insure the highest winning percentage possible for their sports picks.



Are these your sports handicappers real identities?

No. Our handicappers online identities represent real people but have been slightly changed to protect their privacy.



Can you gamble or place bets on Vegas Sports Expert’s website?

No. We provide sports journalism and analysis we are not a sports book or gambling website.



What is the price for joining Vegas Sports Experts?

Please visit the homepage for up to date pricing and specials.



Where do I file a copyright complaint?

Hopefully this never happens, but if you do have a copyright complaint with the Vegas Sports Bet Experts then please email us at



For any other questions please contact us at or review our Terms of Service.