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Las Vegas Sports Experts is a sports entertainment website that provides sports journalism, analysis, and prognostications. We charge a small fee for access to our content and provide a money back guarantee for the fees, of the current week, if you are unhappy with our service. Our goal is to provide you with unique sporting news, stats, and professional picks in a private members only atmosphere. An atmosphere where you can feel free to talk among friends, colleagues, and other like minded individuals about all things sports.

Privacy and security are our number one priority at Vegas Sports Experts. We not only want you to be able to enjoy yourself on our website, we want you to be able to be yourself. So please feel free to enjoy the pleasure of our non-public, non-search engine indexed, completely private sports journalism and commenting. Its like you and your friends have your own private newspaper! We run our comment boards for adults, enthusiasts, and true sports fans. So your not going to get blocked for saying one team or another sucks. Your opinions are not only welcome here at Vegas Sports Experts, they are encouraged. Las Vegas Sports Experts promotes and enjoys a vibrant quid pro quo on our private members only content. So sign up today and not only get the picks, join the conversation!